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Our Story

We started making soaps in 2019 in an endeavour to be more environmentally conscious by trying to cut down on the amount of plastic that we were using. The soaps were a success and became my go to gifts for friends and family.
When COVID-19 hit and I was furloughed from work my hobby became an obsession and there was more soap in our tiny London flat than I knew what to do with. Mostly fuelled by my partner's (now business partner) desire to make some space and encouragement from my nearest and dearest I tried my hand to selling online. Thanks to the wonderful community on Etsy my hobby has now turned into a proper little business and our lives now revolve around the soapery. Thankfully Jo has since taken on the role of Head of Logistics/ Creative Lead/ Chief Product Tester to allow me to focus on making soap.
As much as I was only furloughed from work for 11 weeks it gave me the space to actually create something that I was proud enough of to put out there to the world. The response has been been amazing and every time an order pops up or another 5* review lands in our inbox I feel truly grateful to the people that kept on nagging me right at the very beginning.